“Firebrand” is a program that focuses on the everyday issues and interests of the younger generation, while encouraging them to pursue God’s purpose for their lives and to see the world through a faith-based perspective. The purpose of this show is to motivate young people to be on fire for God and live passionately as they become world changers in today’s culture. 

“Firebrand” Definition:  “A person who is passionate about aparticular cause, typically incitingchange and taking radical action.”

Target Audience: 
Millennials + Gen Z 
Incoming Alpha Generation

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The purpose of Firebrand is to encourage, motivate, and share biblical truth to young people. To equip them to take on challenges in this world and live on fire for God as they become world-changers in this culture.

Your prayers and support are very much appreciated. Our hope is that we can build a partnership that will impact hearts, instill confidence in the next generation, and that fire-branders for Christ will rise up through our broadcast.

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Your generosity means the world to us. We are in this TOGETHER for His Kingdom!