CTN is excited to partner with a new movement,
Don’t Mess with Our Kids. 

It all started when a mom in Portland, Oregon, named Jenny Donnelly, felt led to encourage a million moms and their families to meet at our nation’s capital to pray on October 12, 2024.  This event, held on the Day of Atonement, one of the holiest days in Israel, will focus on praying for the hearts and minds of our children, as they are daily bombarded with the “woke” agenda of the LGBTQ+ movement and our often-liberal school boards.  Moms and families will pray against pornography in our school libraries, abortion, gender confusion, and child trafficking … and for more caring parents to stand up for our children in the days to come!

This is not a political rally, but a decree to pray, fast, and stand. In the meantime, she is encouraging us to go to our state capitols on Saturday, April 13, from 1-3 p.m. and have a prayer rally on the capitol steps from all over our country … Tallahassee to Austin to Sacramento!  Our own Jenn Mallan from “Come Home” is one of the media coordinators to help get this messaging out. She is very encouraged to see all these moms rise up to protect their kids!

Our nation is in a crisis – families are being ripped apart at the seams by an agenda determined to sexualize our kids. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Mama bears across the nation are rising up to join the #dontmesswithourkids movement and pray, fast, and stand for their families.

But how did we get here? Check out this short message from Jenny Donnelly, founder of our partnering ministry, Her Voice MVMT, to hear how #dontmesswithourkids began in the United States.


Download the Don’t Mess With Our Kids prayer guide and join us in praying the revival of our nation and world.


Scan the QR code to register for the Call to the Capitols on April 13.